Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking for work is harder than working?

It's official.  I have applied for 39 jobs in the past three days.  Isn't that lovely?  

It appears I need to get a paying job, a regular gig, that pays, has benefits, and will pay for childcare, as well as minimizes my risk to life and limb.  And one where I do not use between $100 and $150 a week in gas would be nice as well.  

Too bad no one is paying me to knit or read.  That would be a dream job.  Maybe a small bookstore where I can knit until I need to wait on someone or answer questions.... ah, it would be heaven.....

At the moment I am consulting for a small agency, which is nice, but taking way too many hours, so the break-down in a actual hourly pay is approaching less than $1 an hour.  And does not pay my total monthly gas bill.  I also have a second job working with a person one on one, but as I got assaulted last week by that person I am wanting something less dangerous as well as less hard on my health.  I have known other care providers who did not get injured by their charges, and in 15 years in this business, this is the first time this has happened to me.... Sort of takes the bloom of the idea of that job as well.  

It's not as if I have no education; I have a Master's degree, and the student loan debt to prove it.

It's not as if I have no employment history or job skills; I have worked since I was fifteen, and I am approaching 39 next month.  That's 24 years of experience doing something!  And the something is: law enforcement dispatching, disabilities case management, disabilities supported employment, disabilities supported living grant management, cashiering, tutoring, supervising, and teaching.... I think that covers it.....

Some people get to retire after 24 years of work.  Me? I am looking for my third or fourth career.  

Not that I'm bitter.

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