Monday, February 4, 2013

TdJ: Stress

Stress is one of those things that has been suffocating me lately.  Work.  Home. Finances.  My mother's health.  My health.  It's all been a bit overwhelming.

There is no cure for stress.

And I can see clearly the physical effects of stress on my body.  And my mind.

My cognitive levels are definitely affected by it.  I feel like about 100 people are demanding things of me hundreds of times a day, and I can't get anything done for the constant interruptions.

Tonight I actually came up with the idea of making a request form that each person at work who is demanding something of me has to complete.  That way I could track all the demands and they could see what priority their demands really are.

The bottom line is I am doing lots of things others can do for themselves.
And I am resenting them and myself for it.

So it is time to stop.

I mean, really.

I am so stressed that even writing this little piece on stress is too much.

So good night.  Sleeping will help my stress.  

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