Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The year is drawing to a close...

... and I am so glad. This year has been especially hard for me.
In June my grandmother died.
I have lost my home.
And I am confronting alot of stuff in my recovery.
I am trying to figure out where my marriage is going, or if it even exists.
And I am ready for a new beginning.


  1. I know you said you've been going to Al-Anon meetings. Did you grow up in such a home too like me? The ACOA meetings have really helped me too.


    Keeping you in my prayers..

    But it sounds like you are practicing the 3 As.. Awareness Acceptance Action.

    Remember in Al-Anon they advise not to make any Major Changes for 6 Months of going consistently. (and not to listen to anyone advise on what to do with your life).

    I hope you do what is Best for YOU.. and your Little ones.

    I'm sorry you Lost your home.. (hugs).. but tomorrows will bring other things.. to take its place.. in Recovery.

  2. It has been a rough year for you! Let's hope and pray that the next year is full of growth, change and serenity for both of us :)

  3. The next year will bring us things we've never imagined possible. Hang in there and come see me sometime. I miss you and the girls.