Friday, June 5, 2009

Losing my mind... and my mind appears to want to leave...

The past few days I have been living a marathon of endurance trials. It has been rather interesting.
It started about two days ago. I was feeling decent, but I had nightmares that kept messing with me.

Yesterday I was almost killed by two different trucks who had run a stoplight and stop sign respectfully.
Then I went to the library and made the mistake of closing my eyes for a second when I got a drink from the water fountain and my four year old disappeared for almost 10 minutes. I scoured the place and found her upstairs in the children's section with her older sister.

Last night my grandmother fell and broke her hip. She is 97 and I got the call at the 4:30AM. At the moment I am in the hospital room with her, thankful that she is still talking pretty well.

So I am trying to numb myself to get through the next few days. Maybe longer.


  1. I'm with Ms Hen and will double her million because you deserve it. Hang in there!

  2. How is your grandmother? (hugs)