Saturday, January 3, 2009

Change is hard...

Today was one of those days when I should have slept before coming to work a nice third shift 12 hour shift, but my mind would not be quiet enough to let me sleep.

It is true that my life is going through alot of upheaval at the moment. And that change is difficult and painful, etc. I spent the majority of the day depressed. Yet now there is a small voice of optimism telling me that this too shall pass, like all other things of difficulty in my past.

I miss my children terribly. I had no idea how much I depend on hearing their chaotic childish chatter in the house. It is such a comfort.

And I am still knitting that damn never-ending scarf for my boss!

More later, or tomorrow, however life plays out....

Currently reading:
The Road
by Cormac McCarthy

It is artfully and beautifully written. I recommend it highly. However, it should be read only in the right (i.e., not depressed, or fatalistic) frame of mind. It is fatalistic enough on its own.

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