Friday, December 26, 2008

Recovering from the Christmas holiday

It was a fun and low-key holiday here in the humble abode. My mother and grandmother braved the rains that KY has been getting while the rest of the eastern US has been getting slammed with snow. We built a big fire, and the kids opened gifts for almost an hour. I made a meal and there were no leftovers, and then we chilled out together in front of the fire.
On Christmas day, we observed our other time-honored tradition of going to lunch at the Chinese buffet about a mile from the house. And then I packed up my bag and went to work for about 8 hours at the residential program I began working at about 2 months ago. The kids had all gone home for the holiday, so I ended up reading (_The Hour I First Believed_, by Wally Lamb) and knitted on Fedelis' (my boss at the other job) birthday scarf, as seen here (still not finished). All in all, a very productive shift!

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