Monday, December 15, 2008

...and ma in her cap, had all settled down for a long winter's nap

After working all night, I was happy to come home into a hot bath and lull myself into that spacy space in my brain where there is no real thinking, but merely free association. In my mental meanderings, I realized that there is really nowhere else I would rather be than in a hot bath, or in front of my fireplace with roaring logs and some knitting or a good book.
Anyway, I am reading a borrowed book of essays by Laurie Notaro, whom I just heard about (from the friend who owns this book), and enjoying it immensely. I also finished The Historian and while I enjoyed it, I did find it tedious and hard to force in some points.
On the employment front, I have gotten another part time job, bringing the total to two, but not enough to support the family or anything. And last week the husband's unemployment was cut off, and he of course is doing little or nothing to remedy the situation.

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