Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Migraines suck...

This is one of those days.... 
The good news is.... I got some more work done on the hell scarf, and so I am looking forward to finishing it in the next week.  So it will done before the child o'mine turns the demonic thirteen.  

I also am working my way through the evil laundry scene... clothes that have been packed up and away for about a year during this hideous relocation of my life.  

Now, I am working on my last day at one of my jobs and will briefly have only one job.... GASP!  That has not been the case for a long time, so I am stressing about it somewhat.  Hoping that we can make it on my one job's income, the minimalist child support and St Timothy of the Besotted Wagon's unemployment.  That is one worry. 

The others are....  my family's continued lack of health insurance and basically getting  St Timothy through some kind of recovery.  
Right now Tara is sick and I can't take her to the doctor.  I also can't do anything about the migraines which are coming back more often now, or the increased GERD and ulcer stuff I am going through.... I also will have to wait even longer for the medications and fibromyalgia treatment that I seem destined now never to get.  

SO I am down with the pity pot.  Thanks for listening or reading or whatever.  And if you hear about any jobs, please let me know... I gotta work!

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