Monday, October 6, 2008

Fear and Loathing on Wall Street

In the last 72 hours, we have witnessed a bail-out plan of epidemic proportions for which my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying long after my death.  
However, when a single mother cannot make welfare stretch to pay the rent, insurance, utilities and feed her kids, she is not bailed out.  She is criticized and told to get a job.  Or get another job, if the one she has pays little.  Never mind that belts are ever tightening in the corporate world, and jobs are scarcer than ever.  
Last year I planned on buying the home we live in.  Now no bank will lend to me.  So I, who have never owned stock, will not be able to own a home.  Who will bail me out?  I do not expect future generations to do it.  Especially based on decisions made by a generation which is on its way out.  That generation has owned homes, enjoyed the "American Dream," and now denies it for future generations.  They have lived it, and now deny others.  

And globalization, another one of their goals, has done more than just make us import our food, oil or whatever from far away.  It has created a small pond economically, and now the EU is drowning as well.  

I am very conflicted over this, and I will probably elaborate on this later....

At this point, all I can say, is Thank you, Dubya, and Cheney.  You two are growing fat like vampires on the American bloodstream, and the prices we are paying for gas are lining your pockets.  Your profits will benefit your family for generations to come, while your policies and economic idiocy will cause hardship for my family for as many generations to come..... 

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