Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it almost over?????

Today I am musing - one, about whether to go commercial or just make a big cup of tea for breakfast - and two, about how in another week and a day, the media will take a collective sigh and find something else with which to barrage us....  I am looking forward to the end of the US presidential campaigns and the elections, even if I am a bit horrified over the possible results.  

Supposedly I live in a "red" state, which is difficult at best.  However, in my discussions with friends and acquaintances, it does not feel red.....
In the early summer I was cashiering at a major chain home improvement warehouse type of store, and a fifty-something white male customer deemed it necessary to give me a sample lesson in politics (albeit, rich white guy politics).  He said, "Go with who has keep you safe, the old white guy."  I smiled and gave the bastard his receipt, but I thought, WHO has kept me safe? Is it the asshat that has plunged me and my family for generations into debt?  Is it the guy who sat and read a children's book when several locations in this country where being attacked? Was it his cohort, some say the brains behind the operation, who went quail hunting, shot his friend and fellow hunter, and then had the injured man make a media apology?  Is it the fuckwad whose family is in the oil business, and who has profitted every time I have had to take my kids' food money and use it for gas to get to work?  
I am not getting bombed.  For the next few weeks - only a weekly basis, as I am the only one working in my household, so I am supporting a family of four on $800 a month (no, not a typo), and we live my paycheck to my paycheck - I have a roof over my head.  All of our utilities have been shut off one time or another in the last 3 months.... does this mean I am safe?  I guess so.  

I am not safe from myself, as depression really seeps in when you can't feed your kids, but know somehow, you have been tricked into feeding generations to come of the Bush regime.  

Who has kept me safe?

Hint: It ain't the rich white guy.  

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