Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pandemics and other threats of modern life

Today's news is full of the swine flu, and I have the occasion to watch a great deal of it, as I am home with the flu - albeit a different flu, not the H1-N1/swine variety. Our global world is both wonderful and scary. We can pass a germ faster than a snotty kid at kindergarten recess, and I can communicate with my friends in real time on the other side of the world. We actually have to designate a "Eat Local" day. And I suspect much of my own level of stress (which has worn me down the point of illness) is due to instant results being expected in the world of easy answers and instant gratification. I am ashamed to admit I am as enchanted as the rest of the world, so I am part of the problem even as I try to cobble together a personal solution. If I could spend a few days each week tending to my plot of land/life (both literally as well as figuratively) perhaps I would not be so stressed. And if I were eating locally, organic, or at least not so processed, perhaps I would not be so susceptible to all the opportunistic infectious agents out there - people and other organisms.

Tonight's plan is to take some more of the world's most useless and ineffective antibiotics and blow my nose another 50 times and then see if I can maintain my composure (i.e., sitting upright without passing out) I will try to make a meeting. At the very least I will urge Tim to take Chloe to an Alateen meeting. She went about a month ago for the first time, and she has been urging us to take her back ever since. This is the answer to one of my wishes too.

So, even though I am sick and feel like I am being betrayed by my body (again), I am grateful for the small things. They make all the difference.

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