Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice musings

today is the shortest, darkest day of the year. no wonder then, i am feeling down, feeling the mourning of things lost.

however, things are looking up at chez terre. we are moving in the next week or two, to an actual house in a downtown neighborhood that i really like. i will be within a half mile of both work and my al-anon home meeting group. i will also have a backyard, a home office, and room for my kids, dog and husband. the home has potential and i am looking forward to moving into it.

at the moment, however, i don't the funds to move, and am going to try to do my best to get a few things moved over so we can spend christmas eve - or failing that, christmas night - at our new house.

i am also in the process of changing jobs. the pro of this is that i will be making substantially more money. the con is that i actually love my old job and the people i work with. although i work my ass off, i feel comfortable there. and i also will miss the folks (clients) i have been working with. it is a bittersweet thing. i'm also taking on more responsibilities overall with the new job, so it will stretch my comfort zone a bit. but it was time to step up, if i look at it from a purely business career perspective.

so this is the short, dark time. i look toward the light, willing and wanting simpler, easier, happier times for the future.

and that is also what i wish for you.

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  1. The house sounds nice and clhoe's room has that neat corner. Anyway, I hope this house as well as the new job is a new start for you and your family and it will be all good.